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Calcutta Chamber of Commerce Presents Mr. Gurcharan Das




Calcutta Chamber of Commerce Presents Mr. Gurcharan Das to Bring Together the Scattered Strands of Governance and Politics


30th May 2011, Kolkata: Calcutta Chamber of Commerce gave us the pleasure of presenting Renowned Author, Management Guru and Public Intellectual Mr. Gurcharan Das who cracked the secret code of chasing own dreams while he launched his own literary work “The Difficulties of Being Good” at The Park Hotel. This year 2011 will see oodles of courage to pursue own dreams but his journey was not that simple. He went ahead with every challenge and accepted it to recast himself. With 30 years of experience in practicing management, Mr. Gurcharan Das, a very well-known columnist and former CEO & later Managing Director of Procter & Gamble, firmly believes “ Humility and Determination are the buzzwords that help one to move towards success.”


 “The Difficulties of Being Good” is all about consolidation happening in Indian governance and Indian Politics. Mr. Gurcharan Das stated, “Its neither the election nor the ruler party, what is most important is the Rule of Law- it is the lesson we have acquired from Indian Democracy. In India, the Rule of Law is very weak and this weak link has an obvious result of Corruption. As we look at Parliament and politicians, it gives a strong sense of Reform and an arrogant and quick reform is needed in every aspect of social life and political authority. This is the  country of  28 States and 7 Union Territories which is growing but the States did not contribute  much to strengthen the positioning of India. Irrespective  of all these our Indian Society is changing though it is grounded to the old traditional society”.


Grappling with the problem of finding the exact meaning of ‘DHARMA’, Mr. Das came up with his new novel “The Difficulties of Being Good”. He stated, “We can’t understand India without understanding DHARMA. The subtle meaning of DHARMA is difficult to understand but more difficult is to act upon DHARMA. Today we are angry about the corrupt political structure because DHARMA has been wounded severely. What we all learn from Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’ is, DHARMA directs us to an ethical way and promotes welfareDHARMA should be the dictating factor to do things in the right way. As India is rising fast from a very lower level, almost from a bootstrap level, a deviation from DHARMA and onslaught of corruption is becoming more obvious.”


“The Difficulties of Being Good” is an intriguing combination of Indian Governance and Politics and its impact will act as a staircase for better India.


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